Jan 12, 2018

3 Easy Ways Your Organization Can Promote Health

Are you among the thousands who make New Year’s Resolutions each year to be healthier? What if you could help your organization make small changes to help promote health and wellness? We have been working with organizations big and small across the region to implement ways to support and promote employee health from mapping out walking routes to healthy meeting pledges and better vending options.


DYK? Walking

Walking PosterHere are three ways you can get involved:

  1. Map a safe walking route at your organization. We have been working with five organizations to map out safe routes around their workplace. This includes a walking poster with one or two walking routes; information on the route (distance, steps, time, calories burned); what snacks you can burn off by walking the route; and some fun facts. The purpose of these posters is to encourage people to be active during work hours and for organizations to show their support for their employees’ health.
  2. Take the healthy meeting pledge! Health in the workplace can also extend to the food and drinks provided at internal and external meetings or events. We assist organizations in drafting and implementing healthy meeting standards based off the American Heart Association Guidelines. These guidelines offer ideas for breakfast, snacks, beverages, and lunches; and include local options of healthy restaurants and caterers.
  3. Provide healthier food and snack options. Organizations have also opted to implement healthy vending agreements which follow the American Heart Association’s snack and beverage guidelines. We work with your organizations vending company to integrate healthy options.

Currently, involved organizations include Buffalo Prenatal Perinatal Network, Evergreen, Genesee County Health Department, the Healthy Manufacturing of NYS Consortium, the Holy Cross Head Starts throughout Erie County, Moog, Orleans County Health Department, and Rich Products.


Interested in getting involved? Contact Megan Dumpleton, MS, CHES at


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