Feb 12, 2018

EnRICHing Associate Health at Rich Products

Last Fall, Rich Products conducted an employee health assessment and identified areas where they could make changes to promote and engage with their associates’ health. Since then, Rich’s has worked to enhance their comprehensive wellness plan. Besty Lansing, the manager of Rich’s Associate Wellbeing Initiatives and one of our active Board Members, called on us to help. Along with their partners at the YMCA Buffalo/Niagara, we have provided guidance, resources, and support to further their plan.


Last month they unveiled healthy options at their café. New options include a granola and yogurt bar, hummus and pretzel snacks, fresh fruits, bento boxes, whole grain sandwiches, and a new and improved salad bar. Signage was also posted on the beverage cooler doors to guide people towards making the healthier drink choices. 


Dolly's Salad 1We gauged reactions on the first day with a survey to get feedback on the healthy options and pricing. Several people stopped by our table to take the survey, hoping to win the ninja chopper incentive. Most of the associates were excited about the healthy options, going back into the café to check out the options before taking the survey.


Further plans at the café include marketing to make the healthy choices stand out with signage pointing people in the right direction.


There’s a lot of synergy between Rich Products the YMCA. Each quarter, Rich’s hosts what they call ‘Rich Week,’ where they offer benefits to their associates through the YMCA.  These benefits include access to the YMCA during that week along with discounts to become a YMCA member. Rich’s is also planning to launch the YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program to their associates.


With locations across the nation and traveling associates totaling up to 8,000, this is hardly the end of this wellness journey for Rich Products. 

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