Nov 13, 2017

What's in Your Vending Machine?

It’s that 3:00 PM slump, and you’re crashing hard. What snack do you reach for? Well, that may depend on the options your employer provides you at work. Does your employer promote healthy vending at work, or is your vending machine filled with chips, chocolate bars, and neon orange crackers?


Vending TastingUnder the Local IMPACT grant, we’re working with the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Niagara (CCE Niagara) to promote healthy vending in the workplace. Kaitlyn Summers, SRCP Grant Nutritionist at CCE Niagara, has partnered with the Healthy Manufacturing of NYS Consortium (HMNYS) and is working with seven manufacturing sites who are members of the Consortium to implement a healthy meeting and/or healthy vending agreement in the workplace.


Taylor Devices, one of the members of HMNYS, passed a Healthy Vending Agreement which states that worksites will ensure they follow the American Heart Association's snack and beverage vending machine guidelines when stocking the machines.  


Kaitlyn worked with management at Taylor Devices and their vending company, Crickler Vending, to allow staff to taste test and vote on healthy options they would like to see added to the vending machines. The hope is that by allowing staff input on what healthy options they would like to see stocked, staff will purchase those items over the unhealthy ones. 


Interested in learning more? Contact Megan Dumpleton at or call 716.923.6577 to find how you can make your workplace a healthier place.

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